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February 19th - Still dead, but here's something I got a kick out of doodling, then recreated in p'shop. At the risk of big head accusations, I find it professional looking. Also, corrected SV on the links, dropped CAD. The archive page still isn't ready yet...

February 8th (2007) - So Smileville is back on the air. Not PvP daily air, but looking nice. Handyside is trying at fresh goods with new Fork You! which seems to be of the Jim-Bob template. MacHall is still dead, AppleGeeks has been slow but I think it'll get back up, and I haven't checked CAD in months, thinking I'll drop it.

I'm putting the 'dead' sign back up, I'll leave a note when the backlog's ready and coming. Yeah, new comics. Someday. I've decided site work doesn't count, which is still going. Archives need rearranging, will likely want notes on them too.

December 26th - Links page 96% complete. Planning to redo the archive page, and restructure to an appealing block approach. Them's fancyin' words.

December 24th - Still spawning. Links page is looking good. Like, awesome good. I'm going to totally steal the snafu header for a superbanner, somehow. I'm banking for 2007, updatewise. So there's something on the promised Friday updates. I'll keep you all posted on the progress till then tho. Wait, all who? Who am I kidding? Not that I've earned such, of course.

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